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; APRIL 2024 ;

Do you know what to practise?

If you are not sure - SCALES.
Look in your folder for scales, major, minor or pentatonic,
and play them 3 times.
Use a different left hand finger for each fret.
Practise up and down strokes with a plectrum or alternate thumb and different right hand fingers.

Remember the details of each lesson are emailed each month to all pupils and you can login to see the records.
We will be re-instating the practise log booklets this term.

; FEB 2024 ;

Every pupil should have a display book folder
to keep their music in and read from at home.
Practising at home aids the reading and the finger techniques that otherwise take more time in weekly lessons.
Good luck everybody!

; JAN 2024 ;

As we settle in to the timetable this term
keep practising the scales and techniques
that will make it easier later in the year.

; NOV 2023 ;

Thanks for the wonderful effort with the techniques everyone,
they are so in the future pupils can still progress themselves.
Keep looking at the tabs and scores on the website
as we will start pratcising the Christmas songs soon!

; SEP 2023 ;

Guitar lessons are all underway again now,
hello to the new pupils this week!

The annual Vivary Park Concert is

Saturday 23rd September, 2pm-4pm

please join in for a nice experience to play and watch.

; MAY 2023 ;

Sunshine performances!

Thankyou to the brave pupils who have played in the West Monkton Coronation show and the North Curry May Fair!

We have learnt useful skills about playing infront of others that we will use in the Vivary Park Concerct on September 23rd!

; APRIL 2023 ;

We now have more `free-choice' pieces with backing tracks to use in Pop, Rock and Classical grades.
See you at the start of term.

; MARCH 2023 ;

New pupils

New pupils waiting will start either next term or in Spetember, while end of term activities affected the available time for guitar lessons.


Music is spiritual as well as physically pressing the guitar with four fingers.
There will be a theme of composition and improvising this month - no pressure as the prize is a work of art that is the pupil's own.

Parents let your child experiment while I will be diligently keeping their techniques in check for you in the school lessons!

; JANUARY 2023 ;


As you may know (or expect!) we use worksheets and folders to practise from.
All paper provided for the lessons is recycled paper and
45 trees have been planted from this website's webhosting.


Happy New Year, the guitar lessons are due to start the first week back, please let me know if you have any questions.

Auld Lang Syne Guitar Music:
Tablature    Stave    Audio

; DECEMBER 2022 ;
We have covered modern and traditional Christmas songs
in the lessons.
I hope that you enjoy playing these at home
in the Christmas holidays and share the
music with your families.

; OCTOBER 2022 ;
Thankyou for the continued effort of pupils
getting back into their routine and progressing,
and welcome to new pupils this term.

; 24th SEP 2022 ;

Thankyou to to the Parents and Pupils for
for such a memorable day.

Well done everybody.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

God Save the Queen guitar music

Colin Ayres the Guitar Tutor

Thanks from Colin Ayres
Guitar tutor
07837 254308


Please phone (and leave a message)
if you have any questions.


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Colin Ayres has provided guitar lessons in Somerset schools since 2007.

Records of the lessons are online when you login, and you can view your guitar lesson files, and can also upload your own compositions and videos.

Lessons are from young beginners to adults. Grades can be followed up to grade 8. This includes both classical and rock-pop grades, including Trinity, Rockschool and ABRSM Music Medals, Grades and Theory.